Sunday, January 25, 2009

First Impressions of Management in the Real World

We all leave college and enter the real world with certain expectations. I was to become a highly prized software developer. My manager was to help me. Of course, the real world is very different. Soon after I entered the real world, I decided to return to school to formally study management.
I found the working world to be lacking in management skills. Nice people, but some of the management fundamentals were missing – risks were never accessed, deadlines seemed to be optional, and problems among project members festered. Even at 23, I knew these problems were solvable.

Not all companies are like this. Thanks to my consulting experience, I have seen dozens of companies and witnessed how they are managed. Some fair well, but many are just like my first impressions – short-sighted and reactionary.

What was your first response to the state of management? Listen and learn from those more experienced? Run away and join another employer? Another industry? Or did you decide to head back to school to formally study management?

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  1. Hi Jeff, I am 53, but just close my eyes and see all that happened only "several years" ago. Being proud of my focus on "top science" not that I would not see all those small problems that could be stopped/solved even during their birth, just didn't put so much attention - at that times :-)! My move to a "managerial world" was more a "natural evolution" than a "revolutionary" move forward. But having all those experience in mind quite soon started to try to avoid a problem whenever saw intention to appear (today called risk management :-) ?). The study itself arrived as a must so that to keep & maintain my position (I always liked to be asked for help...). In a certain point you just put more structure to your effort - so no revolution, just a natural move "forward". Nowadays I work as a management consultant :-), getting back all that "investment"...