Thursday, February 19, 2009

Sacred PM Practices – Stakeholder Involvement

Another topic that I pursued in my research, introduced in a Jan 25, 2009 posting, was the frequency of stakeholder involvement. I predicted that it would be nearly impossible to execute a project successfully without frequent interaction with project stakeholders.

  • Of the 25 successful projects, 84% report a daily or weekly interaction with stakeholders.

  • Twelve percent of the successful projects had infrequent interaction (i.e., less frequent than monthly) with stakeholders.

Can you believe that three of the projects reported a “rarely” for stakeholder involvement? Does your experience mirror the findings above? That is, are stakeholders typically involved daily or weekly?

1 comment:

  1. I think that a question isn't very precise. If a positive answer is give when contacting any stakeholder with any issue/status I'd agree with results (although daily communication is overrepresented for me).

    The main issue with stakeholders communication is when some key stakeholders don't have enough time for project manager and from my experience is happens quite often. Situation when business people on customer side can't answer simple question how specific functionality should be done for a couple of weeks aren't rare. And I don't treat "still waiting for a response from marketing" as a real communication. That's rather a placeholder of communication, just keeping in the loop.

    But yes, I agree that good communication with stakeholders, especially key stakeholders, is crucial in achieving success in projects.