Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Towers Perrin's Top-10 List for Employee Engagement

Another firm that chimes in about employee engagement is Towers Perrin. Like Accenture, Towers Perrin also has a top-10 list for employee engagement.
  1. Senior management sincerely interested in employee well-being
  2. Ability to improve skills and capabilities
  3. Organization’s reputation for social responsibility
  4. Employees' input into decision making
  5. Quick resolution of customer concerns
  6. Setting of high personal standards
  7. Excellent career advancement opportunities
  8. Challenging work assignments that broaden skills
  9. Good relationships with supervisors
  10. Organization encourages innovative thinking
Most of these ten drivers directly impact the employee (e.g., 1, 2, 7). A couple of the top-10 drivers speak to the environment of the employer (e.g., 10). The odd one here, the one I didn’t expect to see, is driver #5. Resolution of customer concerns has not appeared on any of the other employee engagement lists that I have reviewed. I suppose it is difficult to be engaged to an employer that has difficulty resolving the problems of its customers.

What is on your top-10 list for employee engagement? Has Towers Perrin captured everything on your own list?

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